Friday, November 4, 2011

Adolescent Gynecomastia

Adolescent gynecomastia occurs during the early teenage years typically 12 to 13 years old. The hormone balance is very critical during this time. The hormone estrogen encourages female characteristics to develop and testosterone causes male development. The imbalance of these hormones with an over balance of estrogen will cause breast bud development in males causing gynecomastia.

Adolescent gynecomastia will usually regress within 18 months of development. When breast enlargement does not regress in a timely fashion, the emotional consequence that can result in the teenage years can be long lasting for both emotional and social development.
14 year old with adolescent gynecomastia
6 months after gland excision and liposuction.
Despite all efforts, gynecomastia can further affect self-esteem and social development. A team of approach for these young men is required with an Endocrinologist, dietician, and social support network. If all efforts are unsuccessful then surgical intervention may be reasonable to prevent further emotional and social deterioration.

The following video is the story of 3 men who go through their story living with gynecomastia and under going surgical correction.  This is the short version of this video,in which, Miguel Delgado, MD is the gynecomastia specialist and thes are his patients.


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